Asteroid Facts

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    Asteroids are small solid rocky irregular bodies that have no atmosphere. They are mainly found orbiting the sun between Jupiter and mars where they form the asteroid belt. They are to small to be classed as planets and are sometimes called minor planets. When an asteroid comes close earths orbit it is called an near earth object (NEOs) or potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs)..






    There are over a million asteroids in our solar system
    If you were to stick all of the asteroids that we know of together they would form a planet smaller than our moon
    Asteroids are mainly the leftover materials from when the solar system was formed
    There is an inner and outer section to the asteroid belt. The inner belt has asteroids within 402 million Km of the sun, they are mostly made of metals. The outer belt has asteroids over 402 million Km from the sun, they are mostly rocky, rich in carbon and appear darker
    Asteroids have no atmosphere
    Ceres was the first asteroid discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi
    Over 10 spacecraft have explored asteroids
    There are 26 asteroids bigger that 200 km in diameter
    The largest asteroid was thought to be Ceres which is over 900 Km in size but in 2001 astronomer discovered an even bigger one now known as 2001 KX76
    The smallest asteroid is about 6 meters in size and is know as 1991 BA
    It is believed that a huge asteroid hitting earth over 65 million years ago was to blame for the extinction of the dinosaurs
    Some asteroids have their own moons