Ceres Facts

  • Ceres


    Ceres was discovered in 1801 and is named after the Roman goddess of harvest and motherly love. At first Ceres was classed an asteroid but when the definition of planets was introduced in 2006 it was found to be in the dwarf planet category. Ceres is the smallest of the Dwarf planets and is closest to the sun.




    Ceres is the only dwarf planet located in the inner solar system
    Nasas spacecraft Dawn will visit Ceres in 2015
    Ceres was discovered by Guiseppi Piazzi an Italian astronomer
    Ceres has a spherical shape
    It makes up around one third of the asteroid belt


  • DATA

    Diameter (Km) 950

    Mass 895.8E18 kg

    Density (Kg/m) 2.09

    Temperature (C) -40

    Distance from sun (Km) 414 million

    Rotation period 9.07 hous

    Length of Day 9 hours

    Orbital period 4.60 years

    Number of moons 0

    Magnetic field No

    Ring system No