Comet Facts

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    A Comet is made up of ice, rock and gases which become a frozen mass before it enters the inner solar system where its particles become ionized and then give off a brightness that can sometimes be seen as a tail. They normally orbit the sun and come from either the Oort Cloud or Kuiper Belt from the outer solar system.







    The most common comets are periodic or non-periodic but there are a few categories
    The most famous comet is probably Halley comet which is named after it discover Edmond Halley
    A comet can be as big as few kilometres across or as small as a few meters
    Comets can have two tails, a dust tail and a plasma tail
    There are over 3000 comets known but there could be around 1 billion in our solar system
    Comets known as great comets are visible without a telescope but only appear once every ten years
    Comets are also referred to as dirty snowballs or cosmic snowballs
    They can spend billions of years in the Oort cloud or Kuiper belt before entering our solar system
    Comets do not have moons or rings
    Once a comet gets near the sun it can develop an atmosphere