Meteor and meteorite Facts

  • Meteors and meteorites


    Meteors are small rocks and debris called meteoroids and only become meteors when then enter a planets atmosphere causing them to burn up and leave a bright trail of light in the sky they are also known as shooting stars or falling stars. The parts of the meteor that makes it all the way to the ground are called meteorites.








    Meteorites can be huge boulder or as small as a grain of rice
    The largest meteorite found to date is called Hoba and was found in southwest Africa weighing 60 tons
    A meteor burns up when it enters the earths atmosphere because of the friction in the air
    The main types of meteorites made of iron, stone or stone with iron
    It is thought that about a 100 tons of meteoroids hit the earths atmosphere every day but they are mainly very small
    Most meteorites come from asteroids with a few thought to have came from comets
    Over 40,000 meteorites have been found on earth so far
    Meteor shower take place when the earth passes though the trail debris left by a comet or asteroid
    Most meteor showers are named after the constellation they are nearest
    The most regular and visible of all the showers is the Perseids it peaks every year between the 9th and 14th of August and was first viewed 2000 years ago by the Chinese
    Leonids is probably the most spectacular meteor shower and some times can turn into a meteor storm
    Meteor storms are extreme meteor showers
    A fireball is a meteor that is brighter than the planet Venus