Milky Way Facts and Information


The milky way is a member of galaxies called the local group and it contains our solar system. It has over 200 billion stars and is so big that even at the speed of light it would take over 100,000 years to cross it. The planets and stars we can see from earth are just the small part of the milky way.

Facts about the Milky Way

  • The milky way is a spiral galaxy
  • The closest galaxy to the milky way is called Andromeda and is similar
  • Dwarf galaxies orbit the milky way
  • There are around 30 neighbouring galaxies to the milky way
  • Of galaxies in the universe 2/3rd of them are spiral shaped like ours with a few shaped like rings or toothpicks
  • Our solar system is on a branch of the milky way called the orion spur
  • The milky way has been growing for many years and is still slowly consuming other galaxies around it
  • Our milky way is almost as old as the universe its self, it has been around for about 13.7 billion years compared to the universes 13.8 billion years
  • Our solar system will take around 220 million years to do a full rotation of the milky way