Neptune Facts and Information


Neptune is the most distant planet in our solar system located 4.5 billion Km from the Sun.  Named after the God of the Sea, Neptune is the fourth largest Planet and like the other Gas Giants is made up mostly of hydrogen, helium and methane. Neptune was not known about for many centuries due to its distance, it was finally discovered in 1846. Neptune has thirteen confirmed moons with one more awaiting confirmation of discovery.

Facts about Neptune

  • Neptune is also known as a twin planet to Uranus due to its similar size and colour
  • It takes 165 Earth years to orbit the sun
  • Neptune has only been visited by one space craft, Voyager 2 in 1989 after it visited Uranus in 1986
  • Until 2006 Neptune was known as the second farthest moon, before this Pluto was known as the furthest but it was declassified to a dwarf planet
  • Neptune takes 164.8 Earth years to rotate once around the sun
  • Neptune has six rings
  • One day on Neptune takes 16 hours
  • Neptune’s magnetic felid is about 27 times more powerful than earths
  • You could fit 57 earths in Neptune
  • Winds on Neptune can reach up to 2000 km per hour making it the windiest in the solar system

Neptune Data

  • Diameter (Km) 49,528
  • Mass 102.4E24 kg
  • Density (Kg/m³) 1638
  • Temperature (°C) – 218
  • Distance from sun (Km) 4495.1
  • Rotation period 16.1 hours
  • Length of Day 16.1 hours
  • Orbital period 59,800
  • Number of moons 14
  • Magnetic field Yes
  • Ring system Yes