Saturn Facts and Information


Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is the second largest after Jupiter. Also known as one of the Gas Giants Saturn does not have a solid surface.  Its atmosphere is made up of predominantly hydrogen and helium.  This planet was named after the Roman God of agriculture. Like all the Gas Giants Saturn also has rings surrounding it, they are a mixture of Ice, rock and dust particles however its rings are the largest of the four Gas Giants and the brightest.  It also has about 53 known moons and moonlets with at least 9 more waiting confirmation of discovery. One of these moons is Titan and is the only moon in our solar system to have its own atmosphere.

Facts about Saturn

  • The earth could fit into Saturn 755 times
  • Saturn is twice as far from the sun as Jupiter
  • One day on Saturn is 10.5 hours
  • Saturn was first visited in 1979 by NASA’s Pioneer 11
  • Four space craft’s have visited Saturn
  • It takes 29.4 earth years for Saturn to orbit the sun
  • Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the sky
  • Three of Saturn’s rings can been seen from earth
  • Saturn is the least dense of all the planets in our solar system
  • Its rings are about 250,000 km in diameter but less than 1km thick
  • Titan is the second largest moon in our solar system after Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

Saturn Data

  • Diameter (Km) 120,536
  • Mass 568.3E24 kg
  • Density (Kg/m³) 687
  • Temperature (°C) -139
  • Distance from sun (Km) 1,433,000,000
  • Rotation period 10.7 hours
  • Length of Day 10.7 hours
  • Orbital period 10,747 days
  • Number of moons 62
  • Magnetic field Yes
  • Ring system Yes